About the “If You Like” Project

You’ve just put down a fantastic book. With a sigh, you close the cover and lift your eyes up for the first time in hours, or days. Your brain tries to rearrange itself, parsing out reality from the fictional world you just left. You blink. You need a new book.

You search, aimlessly, still lost in the dizzying world you just left. You have no time for dust jacket summaries. You need something good. You wish there was a way to get the perfect book, a book your best friend would recommend to you. Except your best friend doesn’t read, or lives in Uganda without internet. You are on your own.

Books are too short, you think, taking book after book off of library shelves. You want to read something like the book you just read. Similar, but different.

You are sad. Your favorite character just died. It makes everything more difficult. You are too lazy to put the brain power into finding something else to read. You wish your friend from Uganda would leave the orphans behind and come back home to tell you what’s good. You’ve got a billion books and nothing to read.

I’m here to be your best friend. Your story-giver. Mostly I read popular books with a smattering of classics. It’s almost entirely fiction. I’ve read more than the average bear.

If you’re an avid reader looking for more book recommendations, I recommend the site Goodreads.com. It’s a great way to compete with friends and make sure you’re still reading more books than them.

I hope you find what you’re looking for.


One thought on “About the “If You Like” Project

  1. akosimacy

    The same thing happens to me, too, after I read a really good book! Then I look for something else to read, so I wouldn’t think too much about the book I just read. So I would stop getting depressed. But then the cycle starts all over again. Haha.

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